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We have honed our skills in replacing iPhone screens and have all parts in stock for immediate repair of iPhone models one year or older. We offer high quality replacement screens or genuine Apple replacement screens for a slight premium on select models. Prices listed are for replacement screens, please contact directly for quote of genuine Apple LCDs.


iPhone 5/5C/5S: $60

iPhone 5SE: $70

iPhone 6: $70

iPhone 6+: $80

iPhone 6s: $80

iPhone 6s+: $100

iPhone 7: $90

iPhone 7+: $120

iPhone 8: $100

iPhone 8+: $130

If you do not see your iPhone listed above, we do not service the phone at this time as it is cheaper to be repaired by Apple. We are in the business of giving an alternative to the Apple Store and our business model does not make sense if we charge more than Apple.


PolyTronics iPhone Repair is committed to making your life easier with convenient and comprehensive repairs when you need them most. We can fix most hardware related issues on all iPhone models, but we are not Super Heroes and cannot bypass the law so there are a couple limitations. We have around a 50% success rate with water damage and are unable to remove iCloud passwords (these are normally stolen phones anyways and we will not touch these.)

Common Hardware Issues:

Battery Replacement $25-$40

Charger Port Repair $25-$60

Speaker or Earpiece Repair $20-$40

Front Camera Replacement $20-$30

Rear Camera Replacement $20-$40

Headphone Jack Repair $20-$60

Lock Button Replacement $40-$60

Mute Button Replacement $30-$50

Components Inside of Mobile Phone
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All repairs are covered by what we like to call our "No BS Warranty." This is our way of telling you "If you do not drop your phone face down on concrete, in the toilet, out of a car window, off the cliffs at Pirates Cove, or other means which most phones will not survive unscathed, we will warranty your replacement screen against any touch issues, lines in LCD, or other unpredictable outcomes." We always get asked the question, do we warranty against broken glass on the replacement screen? The answer here is sometimes. We see phones that come in with bent frames, swollen batteries, and other defects which don't vibe well for replacement screens. In these cases, a replacement screen is placed under a high amount of stress when installed and has a much higher likelihood of becoming damaged. We have professional frame jigs which we use to straighten the frame of your phone before replacement and although this helps, a bent frame will still be much more prone to repeated failure. We hope you understand and respect this policy as we do everything in our power to ensure we deliver our customers the most complete repair process offered in this industry.


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